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Spyware Doctor defends your computer against malware attacks
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w e burk

w e burk Do not buy any of their products, i did and they stole from me, i paid for the product, lost the key, email them for support, and the have completely ignored me many times to get a new key

but they do not mind taking your money, yeah it was only 18 dollars, but DO YOU WANT TO DO BUSINESS with a lying thief like this

I THINK NOT - please buy from a responsible company, don't allow this company to take advantage of you

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Earl For me, this accelerator even tripled the speed at some torrents.Great job, it`s a very useful app!

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Guest i like it more it saves my time

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Guest very nice toolbar -tollbar islamic with quran-i love it

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GEORGE how can i get the software of acer erocovery management...please help me

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Guest Spyware Doctor with Anti Virus is one of the most powerful ativirus i've ever used!! More power Spyware Doctor mhwa!!

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Guest I 've heard of Spyware Doctor and have decided to have it on my P/C .
All attempts have failed.l would be glad if l will be able to download it.

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Guest The best spyware program out there, and now also comes with anti virus. I used ( or should I say...put up with) Norton for 6 years before switching to SD 2 years ago. Never looked back since. I use on 3 computers on network including laptop with only 1gb mem...and have no probs at all. Sometimes with Norton I had to wait 10-15 after bootup befroe I could use the computer. No such problems with SD. 10/10 for me smile

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Guest spyware Doctor

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Ryszard Problem with updates..

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Haykel Mansyur

Haykel Mansyur good

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Don Tobias

Don Tobias I have used Spyware Doctor for the last several years. I have found it to be very effective, and touble free during that timr. I recommend it.

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Robin The first time that I installed this software it seemed to cause absolute havoc with my system.
In fact it wasn't the software's fault but mine!
BEFORE you install Spyware Doctor remove or disable ANY other anti-spam, anti-virus or whatever software so that it doesn't conflict.
Proramme comes with lifetime updates so you won't need to pay for future upgrades.

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Matheus LS

Matheus LS I do not recommend!

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jabrik un known program version ????Where i can get it

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